Customer Financing for the Jewelry Industry


Jewelry Financing

We Target the Middle Credit Customer.

Variant Financial’s jewelry financing program targets “average credit” customers, or those declined by bank programs such as Synchrony, but credit that is too good for a full consumer lease such as Progressive.  Our program provides the strong approval rates of a consumer lease options, but with payments that are typically 30 to 50% cheaper for the customer.

How We Help

Second-look program for jewelry merchants

Variant’s jewelry financing program is unique and extremely effective. It allows both online and brick and mortar jewelry merchants to better serve average credit consumers with scores between 580 and 680.    

Customers can apply for financing right on the retailer’s website or in the store via a simple credit application.  The credit decision is instant and is a soft credit pull so it will not effect the customer’s credit to apply.  Once approved the customer signs the loan documents and the merchant is funded generally within 48 hours.

Minimum amount financed is $500 and the maximum is $5,000.

Jewelry merchant qualifications

  • Minimum annual sales of $1,000,000+
  • Minimum 2 years in business
Sample Retail Brochure

Additional Info

Variant has a long history of being able to effectively customize programs to meet a merchant’s needs. Contact us today. We look forward to hearing about your unique business model and letting you know the various ways we can help.

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