Patient Finance Programs

Patient Finance Program Overview

Types of Practices We Help

Elective medical practices that are smart marketers and offering services and procedures costing between $1,000 and $15,000.

How We Help

Implement Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary loan programs that are simple for administrators to use and easy for patients to understand.

High traffic offices spend a lot of time and resources on patient acquisition.  Having a patient say “no” to treatment because they were declined for financing or because they were not comfortable with the financing being offered can be frustrating.  Offering multiple finance options that patient can easily understand, with some options catering to patients with challenged credit, can greatly increase case acceptance.

Primary finance programs are great tools, providing good-to-excellent credit customers with attractive no-interest payment plans but don’t help patients with challenged credit who end up getting declined. Often, patients with challenged credit are most in need of a payment plan, needing a low fixed payment that fits their budget in order to say “yes” to treatment.  Offering secondary and tertiary programs designed to help challenged credit customers can significantly increase case acceptance by helping more patients overcome the cost barrier.

Additional Info

Getting declined for credit can take an emotional toll on a patient. A patient finds the right doctor and the right approach after having weighed their options, only to have a decline stand in their way.  Providing greater access to credit allows offices to work with patients and help them find a payment solution that works instead of turning them away.  More approvals can mean more happy patients who refer friends and family your way.

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