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Variant knows consumer finance programs.

As a subsidiary of East Bridge Funding, one of the most trusted procurement companies in the consumer finance industry, Variant Financial was founded to specifically cater to the needs of larger specialty retailers and service providers that rely on consumer finance programs to sell the goods and services that they offer.  No one has more resources and experience than Variant and we truly love what we do; helping businesses like yours grow and prosper through the use of our programs.

At Variant Financial, we enjoy working with clients to learn about their business, the products or services they sell, their marketing plans,  and goals for the future.  Just like us, our clients have a passion for what they do and for building upon the ideas and processes they have created. If we can help them grow those ideas and improve those processes, we grow as well.

Assisted More Than 500 Clients
More Than $200,000,000 in Loan Volume
Over 20 Years Specific Industry Experience

Why choose us



The unsecured consumer finance is a very niche industry. The principals at Variant Financial have extensive and specific experience in this space, building and marketing sales driven consumer finance programs.



Variant Financial is the leading provider of procurement services in the consumer finance space because of the vast resources it has and exclusive relationships with many banks, hedge funds, finance companies, and service providers.



Variant Finance and its members are well respected within the consumer finance community.  We have a great reputation of being effective, diligent, trustworthy, and compliant.

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