tertiary programs.

Tertiary Consumer Finance Programs

Even with the use of a Sub-prime or 2nd look program, not all applicants can be approved.  Tertiary consumer finance programs can be defined as financing options offered last in line and usually sit behind a primary and 2nd look program. Tertiary programs are designed to approve applicants with challenging credit issues like delinquencies, charge offs, and judgments.

Tertiary consumer finance programs aren’t for every business.  They almost always carry some sort of risk on the merchant’s part. However, if structured properly, the risk is calculated and minimal.

Tertiary programs allow for far more customization than primary and secondary programs and in some cases can allow for 100% credit acceptance.

Acceptable Financing Terms

Unlike no credit check or lease programs, our Tertiary programs have terms that are acceptable to debtor so more people buy.

Quick Simple Processing

Just like our primary and secondary programs, Variant’s tertiary programs are easy to use with credit decisions within minutes.

Multiple Credit Risk Tiers

Variant structures its tertiary programs around a merchant’s risk tolerance.  Credit floors can be used and adjusted to minimize risk.

For over a decade, the principals of Variant Financial have built and managed successful tertiary programs for retailers and service providers.

Other Programs



Above 650




Tertiary Program Basics

Credit Score Required


500 to 850

Loan Sizes



Loan Term


6 to 24+ Months

Customer APR*


19.99% to 29.99%+

*APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate

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