Moving and Relocation Loans

Moving and Relocation Loans

Types of Companies We Help

Variant is developing partnerships with in-town and cross-country movers who often don’t have the ability to meet face-to-face with their clientele.  We work with movers that primarily sell over the phone or online, helping prime and subprime credit customers finance moves in the $1,000-$10,000 range.

How We Help

Primary program for retail golf products and golf carts

We help movers gain the edge when working with a potential client who is seeking multiple bids or who does not have the right cost expectations.  Splitting the total cost into convenient monthly payments can help a consumer choose a premium mover’s bid over a low-cost competitor or help a customer overcome their initial sticker shock when they realize they can pay over time.  Considering many movers do not currently offer payment programs, we developed the Moving.Loans program to provide our moving partners with a competitive advantage over the competition.
We currently offer two different programs for moving merchants…

Movers Partner Program

Qualifying movers will gain access to special promotional financing as well as 24/7 reporting and application notifications.  We also offer direct funding to participating merchants, meaning we pay the mover and not the customer for loans submitted through the merchant portal.    Learn more about our Mover’s Partner Program

Consumer Direct Program

Movers who chose not to participate in our partner program or who do not qualify can still send their clients to our website where the consumer can apply online and receive their funds in as little as 24 hours.  Consumers can apply 24 hours a day at Moving.Loans or an application can be placed directly on a mover’s website.


Additional Info

Various levels of website integration are available at no additional cost to the mover.  All loans are non-recourse.  Contact a Moving.Loans team member today to learn more.

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