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Give Your Sales a Boost with Promotional Financing

Promotional financing options are very effective advertising and marketing tools and  can help give your business an edge over your competitors.   Variant has a wide range of promotional financing options to choose from including 0% interest loans as well as deferred payments.

When properly advertised, promotional financing will increase sales and conversions. Customers that get approved for Variant promotional financing offers are over 90% likely to make the purchase.

Low Payment

Variant term loans make expensive purchases affordable with low fixed payments. With terms up to 60 months, the minimum payment on the loan is affordable on most any budget.

Same as Cash

Same as cash offers customers the low minimum payment flexibility of a term loan with the option to pay off the loan early within the same as cash period to avoid paying any interest.  We currently offer Same as Cash promotional term options of 12, 18, and 24 months.

True 0% Interest

True 0% APR loans are written at a fixed APR of 0% so there is no accrued or penalty interest rate unlike Same as Cash promotions.  The customer’s minimum payment is simply calculated by dividing the amount financed by the total term of the loan.  Available in most term lengths including 6, 12, 18, and 24 months.

Deferred Payments

By default, the customer’s first payment due is typically 30 days. Our Deferred Payment promotion sets the customer’s first payment due on the loan at 90 days. So the customer can buy now and pay later.  This promotion allows the merchant to do some creative marketing and advertising.

Draw in more customers by advertising your financing options

When you advertise great financing offers, “lookers” are converted into “buyers”.  If you are a merchant who sells a product or service that costs over $1,000, financing promotions are a must. Like all of us, customers have an emotional attachment to their money, no matter how much or how little of it they have. Consumer financing promotions provide the customer with peace of mind when making the decision to spend their hard earned money on your valuable goods or services.

  • Low payment promotions attract buyers on a budget.
  • 0% interest offers attract better credit customers willing to spend more money.
  • Deferred payment promotions are a unique option that will appeal to all financing customers.

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