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Primary, Sub-prime, and Tertiary Consumer Finance Programs

Who we are

Variant Financial™ is the nation’s leading provider of consumer financing programs for retailers and service providers.  Powered by the most powerful capital network in the country, Variant is THE most trusted source for sales-driven consumer finance programs for prime and sub-prime credit.

What we do

We provide procurement services to our valued business clients who are looking to expand or enhance their current consumer financing programs.  Variant specializes in sales driven programs designed to decrease costs and increase profits and revenue.

Why we're #1

Variant Financial takes advantage of unparalleled resources and experience to offer our clients the most competitive consumer finance programs available today.  These resources also allow Variant to be able to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions.

Our Success is Tied to Yours

V ariant Financial is dedicated to making sure our clients are happy with their chosen consumer financing programs, our success depends on it.  Like most finance companies, Variant doesn’t make money unless loans are being approved and funded and we understand better than anyone how important it is for a financing program to be able to fit inside a client’s sales process.  That is why we put so much effort into making sure the programs that we develop and bring to market are effective in today’s ever changing credit markets.

Working with Variant, you will feel confident knowing that you have a team on your side that wants your consumer finance program to be just as successful as you do.  We will look closely at your sales process, marketing, customer credit demographics, margins, and revenue objectives to layout a program(s) that will enhance your overall business model.  Variant Financial has developed a wide range of program options that include primary, sub-prime, and tertiary programs.

No one has more experience, options, or is better to work with than Variant Financial.

A lawyer should handle your legal matters, an accountant should do your accounting, and trust Variant Financial to manage your consumer finance programs.


Look / Primary Programs

1st look, or “primary programs” can be defined as consumer finance programs that approve average credit and above.  These programs customarily offer “no interest” or “reduced interest” promotions to attract credit worthy buyers to apply.
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Look / Sub-Prime Programs

2nd look, or “sub-prime programs” are consumer finance programs designed to approve individuals with below average credit. These programs generally have a higher cost to the merchant due to the increased lending risk.  When used effectively, 2nd look programs can significantly increase conversion rates and incremental sales.
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Look / Tertiary Programs

3rd look, or “tertiary programs“, are designed to approve an extremely high number of applicants and in some cases, can approve 100% of applicants.Tertiary programs are extremely customizable and their structure is dependent on the client’s cash flow needs, margins, and risk tolerance.
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Recent Transactions

Q3 2019 – Key Projects

•   New technology launched for online retailers including integration for shopping carts such as WooCommerce and Shopify as well as custom financing plugin for WordPress sites.
•   Expanding tutoring industry program and have added subprime financing component.
•   Increased menu of promotional financing offers including expanded TRUE 0% APR financing options.
•   Added new trailer financing program. Fast funding with loan sizes from $1,500 to $25K+.

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