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Consumer Financing For
Online Retail Purchases

Online retailers typically do not have the same access to consumer finance programs that are available to brick and mortar merchants.  Banks like GE and Wells Fargo do not offer finance programs for online transactions for most merchants.

Variant has capitalized on this opportunity by offering online retailers a consumer finance program with low merchant fees (on par with credit card transactions) and low fixed rates of interest to the debtor.  With a closed-end, fixed-rate installment loan the merchant can advertise low fixed monthly payments on their websites and because of changes we have made in application and loan processing technology, financing transactions can be completed electronically.

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Unmatched merchant support

With our competitors, you are a needle in a haystack.  Our model is working with smaller numbers of merchants to provide the service you deserve.

Easy integrations and process

With Variant, we can design a process around the way YOU do business. Multiple integration opportunities and white labeling available.

Available for both in-store & online

Whether you have multiple storefronts or sell exclusively online, Variant has what you need to close those transactions quickly and effectively.

Increase your marketing power

We offer the best consumer terms in the industry giving you the ability to market in ways your competitors can not.

Higher conversion rates

Most of our merchants have conversion rates in the mid 90% range. Which means when the customer is approved…THEY BUY!

Customize your program

We offer you the ability to make your program unique and can customize special promotions for events like the holiday shopping season.

No one has more experience, options, or is better to work with than Variant Financial…NO ONE.

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Basic Merchant Requirements

Minimum Annual Sales Volume



Minimum Years in Business



Business Background


– Profitable
– No Bankruptcy

Principals Background


– Reasonable Credit
– No bankruptcy
– No foreclosure
– No Tax Liens

Convert "lookers" into BUYERS

Cost Effective

Obtain the marketing power of a big budget advertising campaign for a small budget price.

Easy Integration

Ecommence financing integrations

Unmatched Promotions

True 0% Interest Financing

Lead Generation

Even the declines can be converted into sales as you are provided with the contact information for the interested customer.

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