Merchant Requirements

Merchant Requirements for becoming a Variant Financial client

Because of the high demand for Variant Financial’s services, certain minimum merchant requirements must be met to become a client.  These requirements are in place to ensure that Variant can best utilize its time and resources to reach maximum efficiency and effectiveness for the clients they serve as well as the capital partners who look to Variant Financial as a valuable and trust worthy partner.

Visit our FAQ for answers to common questions merchants have regarding consumer financing.

Merchant Requirements


Merchant Size
Annual Sales Volume
Minimum $1 Million in annual sales is required. Preferably $3M+.
Corporate Stability
Corporate Stability
Two years in business, profitable, and positive service track record.
Stability of Principal(s)
Stability of Principal(s)
Owner(s) must have reasonable credit rating with no foreclosures, tax liens, or bankruptcy.

Variant Financial has an impeccable reputation in the consumer finance industry so it is important that we work with strong, profitable, and service minded merchants.

Merchant requirements for Variant's consumer finance programs
Basic Merchant Requirements

Minimum Annual Sales Volume



Minimum Years in Business



Business Background


– Profitable
– No Bankruptcy

Principals Background


– Reasonable Credit
– No bankruptcy
– No foreclosure
– No Tax Liens

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