Home Improvement Financing

Home Improvement Financing Program Overview

Types of Home Improvement Companies We Help

Sales-driven companies offering home improvement products/services costing $1,000-$15,000 that are sold in the home.

How We Help

Implement Secondary, Tertiary home improvement financing programs that are quick and easy to use during in-home sales consultations.

A declined customer can be a huge roadblock to closing a sale.  You go into a home, quote a job, and effectively “close” the sale.  The customer wants your services, knowing that improving their home not only benefits their everyday life but increases the value of their home.  Receiving a “decline” from a finance company can kill a sale and creates an obstacle that we help salespeople overcome with secondary program options, providing customers with a second chance at approval.

Adding a secondary program can result in more approvals, more sales, and more happy customers that are ready to refer their friends and family your way.  Walking away from a sale with nothing benefits no one.

Additional Info

When offering a secondary finance program, the program loan terms don’t need to be as attractive as the primary program but can be close.  We do what we can to “match up” primary and secondary program promotions and loan terms so that there isn’t a big falloff when transitioning a customer from a primary finance offer to a secondary offer.

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