Chiropractic Patient Financing

Chiropractic Patient Financing Programs Overview

Types of Practices We Help

Sales-driven chiropractic offices offering treatment plans consisting of 15-30 treatments over the course of a few months designed to improve health and reduce pain.

How We Help

Implement Primary, Secondary, Tertiary chiropractic patient financing programs that offer fixed payments, flexible loan terms, and the ability to add on to a loan balance with promotional programs designed to speed up repayment.

Chiropractic providers spend a lot of time tailoring programs and protocols to a patient’s specific needs, working with clients to fix the root of their health problems.  Every patient has unique needs requiring unique treatment and unique payment plans that keep treatments affordable and accessible.

A finance program that can help patients turn a large initial balance into an affordable fixed monthly payment, allowing them to add on to their balance as their health needs change, can significantly increase case acceptance and patient retention.  Utilizing promotional programs, such as Same-as-Cash, incentivizes patients to pay off their balance early.  With a paid off balance, patients are ready to finance another round of valuable treatment.

Additional Info

Patient acquisition can be challenging and require a lot of resources.  Offering a finance program designed for multiple levels of credit, not just prime, can significantly increase case acceptance by eliminating the payment barrier for patients with challenged credit.  Patients with less than perfect credit are often the ones most in need of flexible payment options, helping them say “yes” to treatment.

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