Primary program for classic car transmission company

Variant worked with the executives for a well known transmission modification company that specializes in transmissions for classic cars.  After a corporate re-structuring, they needed a sales [...]

Billing Program for Career Training Provider

Sourced and implemented a billing program for a career training provider.  Students need manageable payment plans to afford the costs of career training programs but often have a hard time [...]

Software Financing Program for Embroidery Products

Company doing direct sales needed a prime program to finance their suite of products, including technical design software and embroidery products for recreational use.  Variant developed a [...]

Primary Program for Electric Bike Manufacturer

Variant developed a primary program for an e-bikes manufacturer wanting to offer promotional financing for direct sales.  Company needed a solution that accommodated e-commerce sales model, with [...]

Infomercial Finance Program for Vacuum Manufacturer

A vacuum manufacturer needed a primary program that could integrate into an infomercial sales model.  Variant sourced an infomercial finance program designed for over-the-phone sales, enabling an [...]

Primary program for online jeweler with $12M in annual sales

Online jewelry company needed a program that would offer quick approval times with large loan amounts (some exceeding $15,000) and needed to minimize dealer cost because of margins.  Variant [...]

Primary program with integrated 2nd look for $10M Spa Manufacturer

Variant built a custom finance program for large global spa manufacturer and distributer.  Company initially requested a program to review the declines from well known bank whose approval rates [...]

Primary program for horse saddle sales and manufacturing company

A company specializing in high end horse saddle sales as well as custom saddle manufacturing contacted Variant looking for a consumer finance program to offer their clients.  They were looking [...]

Replacement Program for Online Stock Trading Software Company

Variant Finance was contacted by a stock trading software development and sales company with annual sales of over $8 Million a year to enhance or replace their current finance program.  Variant [...]