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Bicycle Financing Program Overview

Types of Companies We Help

Variant is partnering with various types of retailers in the cycling industry including road, mountain, triathlon, and electric bikes. Variant offers their customers the best retail consumer financing options in the industry.  Financeable products have retail costs of $850 to $15,000 or more and are sold both online and in store (brick and mortar).

How We Help

Variant’s bicycle financing program is very unique and extremely effective. It allows cycling retailers to advertise great financing promotions such as 0% APR FINANCING AVAILABLE both on their websites as well as in their store windows.

Customers can apply for financing right on the retailer’s website or in the store via a simple credit application. The customer chooses between a low, fixed-interest monthly payment, or a 0% APR offer for 6 or 12 months.  After completing the application, a decision is immediately returned.  The customer can then sign the loan document electronically and take possession of the item they are purchasing or the merchant can ship the product.

Retailers are generally funded in 24 to 48 hours on a non-recourse basis.  Merchant fees start as low as 1.99% which is lower than most visa or master card transaction fees.

The program is a primary program and will consider FICO scores from the mid 600’s and above.

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Additional Info

Online retailers can use bicycle financing as a great lead generation tool. The program converts even the declined applications into leads that can be followed up on by their sales team.  Some Variant retailers have experienced explosive growth through the use of the program, increasing sales by as much as 10 times.

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